Favourite Beers opened on Friday 8th October 2010 as the only specialist Beer and Cider outlet in Gloucestershire. It has quickly established itself as the regional centre for beer and cider lovers from a much larger region.

Beers Currently on Draught

Brewery Name Description ABV
Good Chemistry (Bristol) Kokomo Weekend An IPA drenched in sunshine and saturated with tropical flavour. Pineapple, passion fruit and mango dominate but this is all from the hops. . 7.0%
DEYA (Cheltenham) Steady Rolling Man Incredibly soft and delicate with intense tropical fruit hop aromatics and saturation, this is our vision of the perfect pale ale. 5.2%
Clouded Minds (Banbury) Clout Stout Aroma of roasted malts, cocoa, dried fruits, figs. Mildly sweet & sour with amiable smoky and bitter finish. 4.5%
Marble Brewing Co. (Manchester) Lagonda IPA One of the original and best of the new wave of American style IPAs 5.0%
Wylam (Newcastle) Splatter Berry Berry Fruit Kettle Sour... inoculated with Greek yoghurt then infused with splattered and smashed volumes of fresh raspberries, sour cherry and red currants. 4.5%
Garage Beer (Spain) / Other Half Brewing (USA) More Green A DIPA with mosaic and palisade hops and yeast wlp4000 vermont ale. 8.0%
Left Handed Giant (Bristol) Duet Duel Hopped Pale Ale 4.8%
Paulaner (Germany) Munchner Hell A beer which always goes down well: mild, elegant malts with a hint of sweetness and a soft hint of hops in the background. 4.9%
Track Brewing (Manchester) Highline A beautiful session IPA. Grapefruit notes dominate throughout. 4.5%
Westmalle (Belgium) Dubbel The original Belgian Dubbel - strong, dark, malty sweetness with loads of fruity flavours of dark fruits and spicy mollasses. 7.0%