Favourite Beers opened on Friday 8th October 2010 as the only specialist Beer and Cider outlet in Gloucestershire. It has quickly established itself as the regional centre for beer and cider lovers from a much larger region.

Beers Currently on Draught

Brewery Name Description ABV
Arbor Ales (Bristol) Large Hop Collider Double India Pale Ale, brewed with Citra and Mosaic hops. It has big flavours and aromas of mango, passion fruit, lychee and sweet citrus. . 8.0%
DEYA (Cheltenham) Steady Rolling Man A heavily hopped and aromatic pale ale, which builds from a light biscuity malt flavour into waves and layers of hoppiness. 5.2%
Tiny Rebel (Newport) Imperial Puft A flavour explosion that’s like a proton torpedo in your exhaust port. An Imperial March into your mouth. Return of the Marshmallow. 10.0%
Kernel/Off Color (Berkshire) Biere De Saison Honey 80kg of woodsage and Dungeness wildflower honey from the London Honey Company. Aged for 10 motnhs in Tuscan red wine barrels. 6.1%
Garage Beer/Pirata (Spain) Downfall This double dry hopped double IPA is fermented with a Vermont ale yeast, which works incredibly well with the Citra & experimental hop AU035. 7.2%
Garage Beer/Soma Beer (Spain) Montessori This IPA is brewed using the experimental hop HBC-431 & fermented using the Laibrew New England ale yeast. This is juicy, tropical and delicious. 7.0%
Cloudwater (Manchester) Small Nelson Sauvin Rye Oats and heritage crystal replaced with rye and red rye crystal respectively, to give a spiced note from the malt. Fermented with New England Lallemand yeast and a 12 g/L dry hop of equal quantities of Nelson Sauvin, Mosaic and Citra BBC. 2.9%
Brasserie De La Senne (Belgium) Zinnebir A beautiful blonde Belgian beer which has a malty, fine bitter aftertaste and a complex scent. 6.0%
Brooklyng Brewery (New York) Bel Air Sour Starts up with bright notes of tropical fruit yet finishes crisp and gently tart. It's a trip that's laid back, breezy, and completely refreshing. 5.8%
Hacker Pschorr (Germany) Munchner Kellerbier Anno 1417 A beer with a distinctive character: earthy, bold, quaffable and yet refreshingly mild and light. Just like a real Bavarian. 5.5%